Snap then Print sample

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Capture images. All resolution supported (>6MegaPixel).

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Capture images in quick succession

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Display Different Images on several monitor concurrently

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Capture Images from Multiple cameras

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Allow users to search through the images

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Print on multiple printers

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)View Print multiple rides (network able)

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Support image overlay / Add you own design

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Design your own image overlay

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Software provides advanced color correction

lstmarker.jpg (855 bytes)Make money and have fun






pm01.jpg (15265 bytes)